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This Weird Experiment From 1929 Proves the Importance of Choosing the Right Name

Take a look at the two shapes below. 

One of them is called “KIKI” and the other one is “BOUBA”

Can you decide which is which?

If you think that the pointy shape on the left is “KIKI” and the rounded shape on the right is BOUBA… You are in the majority!

See, in the almost 100 years since this experiment was first conducted, thousands of people have been asked variations of this question… 

And 90% of them agreed that the pointy shape is “KIKI” and the rounded shape is “BOUBA”... Despite having no idea what the words mean.

How is that possible, since both words are nonsense and mean nothing?

The answer lies in a phenomenon called “sound symbolism”

In short, sound symbolism is the idea that sounds inherently convey certain associations -- even if they don’t actually mean anything… 

So we make judgments about words before we know what they mean, simply based on how they sound. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because it proves that… 

People Will Judge Your Business Before They Even Know What You Do

Now this is where things get REALLY interesting… 

A pair of scientists recently decided to figure out how sound symbolism affects our perception of different businesses…

So they asked a group of people about two hypothetical ice cream brands: “FROSH” and “FRISH”

And again, the results were mind-blowing

9 out of 10 people rated “FROSH” as more likely to be smooth and creamy… Without ever having tasted either of them.

Now imagine if these were real businesses…

 “FROSH” would have a massive, unfair advantage over their competitor just because their name sounds more creamy.

On the other hand, “FRISH” could be the creamiest, smoothest ice cream ever made… But customers would never give it a shot because the name simply “doesn't sound right.”

That’s how big of a difference a name (or even one letter) can make.

Now here’s a real-world example…

A Founder Of A Financial Company Admits a Poor Name Cost Him His Business

Back in the day, there were two fierce competitors selling personal finance management programs:


Fast forwarding to now, only one of the two is still in business.

You can probably guess which one straight away.

Sure, product development, customer service, and marketing played a big role… But it’s safe to say that the name “MINT” tipped this brand over its “WESABE” competitor.

In fact, Wesabe’s co-founder Marc Hedlund blogged that one of the main reasons why Wesabe lost to Mint is because Mint had a better name.

It’s familiar. It’s easier to remember. And it creates a better image in our heads.

Big Companies Understand This…

So They Spend Fortunes to Find the Right Names

Nike was initially named Blue Ribbon.

Amazon was going to be named Cadabra.

Google used to be known as BackRub.

And Pepsi started out as Brad’s Drink.

These changes didn’t happen overnight… Nor were they caused by boredom.

The companies realized that their original names didn’t send the right message to their customers... 

So they underwent the entire process of renaming their brands to make them more appealing to their audience. 

Want some numbers?

According to TechCrunch, some startups pay agencies between $15,000 and $75,000 to suggest names for them. I’ve seen some companies pay even more than $75,000.

That’s how important naming is.

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