Introducing The Guaranteed Way To Find Your Business Name.

Our painless step-by-step process will help you find YOUR name and launch your business. I'm so confident that you'll find your name, that I will pay you if it doesn't work!

Find Your Name for $197

Easy Five-Step Process

125% Refund if it Doesn't Work

Do Any of These Describe You?

An Entrepreneur With Zero Money

Names are so valuable that some companies pay $75K to naming agencies. Even microbusinesses can cost around $3,000 to launch. Our naming package is only $79.

An Entrepreneur With Zero Time

You likely work a full-time job, or have a massive list of tasks to complete as you start your business. You do not have time or energy to find a name without a set process in place.

A Blogger Looking to Share Ideas With the World

With over 600 million active blogs, you will be at a huge advantage if you can pick a blog name that resonates with your readers.

A Web or Mobile App Owner

You don't want to invest thousands of hours building your app, only to pick a name that confuses everyone on launch day.

A YouTube Creator

There are already 31 million unique YouTube channel names. Our Naming Package will help you stand out on a crowded platform.

A Restaurant or Cafe Owner

Starting a restaurant can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A good name will help you get the most out of your investment.

"It's hard to find the right name. I know, because I was there too."

Hi, I’m Axel!  I’m the Founder of NameBounce.  I’m an entrepreneur just like you, working to make my own business dreams a reality.

When I started NameBounce, I had zero time and zero money.

I started brainstorming business names with an Excel spreadsheet, but my head was buried in that spreadsheet for countless hours. I was stuck with the same old methods that you might be considering in your name search process.

The result? It took me over three months to brainstorm and consider a list of 200+ name ideas.  The process was agonizing.  I tried too hard to make my name perfect, which cost a huge amount of time and money.

Enter the NameBounce+ Naming Package.  Do you have zero time and zero money?  If so, this package was made for you.  Now, you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours on your name search.  Following our process can cut your “namestorming” time down by hundreds of hours.

If you don’t find a name now, you might never start your business.  If you’re serious about making your business a reality, get your Naming Package now!

Naming is Hard. We Make it Easy. Here's What You Get With Our Naming Package!

A 12-question guide that helps you truly understand your business, so that you can feel confident that you are naming with clear goals in mind

A step-by-step, painless name brainstorming process, using our business name generator and some of the internet's most powerful brainstorming tools

A proven strategy to pick the best name ideas from your name list, saving you a massive amount of time and guesswork

A step-by-step decision-making process, helping you find your name and get freedom by finally launching your business

My "free look" guarantee, where you get 30 days to make sure our naming process is a good fit for you

My "No Name, No Problem" guarantee, where I give you a 125% refund and a 90-day return window if you can't find your business name using the naming process

My DOUBLE Guarantee!

Guarantee #1: 30-Day "Free Look"

After you purchase our Naming Package, you have 30 days to check it out and make sure that it is a good fit for you.

If you don’t like the tools you paid to read and use, simply let me know within 30 days and I will refund your money.  No questions asked!

Guarantee #2: No Name, No Problem

I am confident that you will find a viable business name using my process.  If you don’t, I will give you a 125% refund.  You also get an extended return window (from 30 to 90 days)There are three simple conditions to qualify for the 125% refund:

  • You request the 125% refund within 90 days of your purchase.
  • You complete Chapter 1 (your Naming Brief) and Chapter 3 (Generating Business Name Ideas), along with the accompanying worksheets.  For more details, visit our Returns Policy.
  • You brainstorm English-based business names.  While you will still get utility out of the rest of the guide, we can’t guarantee that the NameBounce algorithm will show you enough name ideas in other languages.

The NameBounce+ Naming Package

The Naming Package ($1,000 Value)

Our brainstorming package makes finding a new name incredibly simple.  Just follow our five-step process, and you’ll have a real name and a real business.  You get the 40-page Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Business, and the Companion Workbook to go along with itThe Naming Package includes the following:

  • Chapter 1: Know Your Business
  • Chapter 2: Done is Better Than Perfect
  • Chapter 3: Brainstorm Business Name Ideas
  • Chapter 4: Find Your "Final Five" Names
  • Chapter 5: Make Your Decision
  • The Dynamic Companion Workbook

Your Price: $1,000 $197


How long does the naming process take?

  If you budget 1-2 hours per day, you should have the process fully completed within a month.  You can complete it in as little as as 2 weeks, if you are happy with your list after a few brainstorming exercises.  The only “lead time” item is professional trademark research.  Otherwise, everything is under your control.

Are your packages a fit for my specific business?

Yes!  We engineered the process to work for any type of business.  Most naming agencies do the same thing, so we wanted to design a one-size-fits-all package.

What is your return policy?

You can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase, and are eligible for a 125% refund within 90 days of purchase (provided you complete the work). That’s it!  For more detail, see our “My Double Guarantee” section above, as well as the Returns Policy.

What is the catch with your return policy?

There is no catch.  Everything is outlined in detail on the Returns Policy.  I am able to offer my guarantees by limiting my ongoing support (which keeps costs low), and by putting safeguards in place on the 125% guarantee.

Do you offer post-purchase support?

Unfortunately, I do not offer post-purchase support at this time.  If I did, I would have to charge significantly more for the packages.  To remedy this, I made the package as easy as possible to follow.

Does the process work in non-English languages?

Everything except Chapter 3 is applicable to non-English languages.  In Chapter 3, you may find your name options to be a little more limited.  You will likely find some good ideas, but I can’t guarantee it, since I can’t test the process in every language.

Do you provide trademark support?

Our package does not provide direct trademark support, but I refer you to several trademark search resources in the Naming Package.

After I find my name, do you help me incorporate?

I am working on more guides and services that will help you launch your business, but I don’t have one on incorporation yet.  In the guide, I refer you to several companies that can help you incorporate.

What's the next step after finding my name?

I highly recommend incorporating, getting a logo, registering your domain, and building your website.  For more detail on the last one, check out our comprehensive guide to building your first website on WordPress!

Any Questions?

I am ready to help you find your name!